Help Ad 2 Make a Lasting Impact

If you’re interested in becoming involved with Ad 2 as more than just a member, but feel hesitant about taking on a chair position just yet, committees are a great place to start! Work with others to contribute to your area of interest without the pressure of being in charge. Check out our committees below.

Public Service

  • Report on upcoming public service events in the city that we can participate in
  • Work with the board on outlining and putting together


  • Communicate with colleges (teachers, professors, students)
  • Speak at colleges about Ad 2 Pittsburgh
  • Work with students & businesses for tours
  • Put students in contact with other members who can help or mentor


  • Contribute to social media and email content calendars
  • Collaborate with creative chair for various creative needs
  • Attend event meetings to strategize the best way to communicate events
  • Assist with press releases for announcements and/or events

Programs & Events

  • Come up with events that align with club values and goals
  • Outline, budget, and plan events
  • Work with communications & creative chairs on promotion of events


  • Support creative chair with design projects
  • Work with programs committee on creative needs
  • Assist with Ad 2 Pittsburgh promotional materials
  • Help review portfolios

Government Relations

  • Report legal changes and updates in advertising
  • Help educate members on upcoming and special elections
  • Attend Ad Day on the Hill

Multicultural & Diversity

  • Help our club become a more diverse board
  • Work with other local organizations on outreach initiatives