Join the crew and get involved!

If you’re interested in being involved with AAF Pittsburgh beyond being a member, joining a committee is a great place to start.


The membership committee is responsible for recruiting members, creating incentive programs for prospective members, and membership retention. Responsibilities include obtaining current membership feedback through an annual survey, facilitating new member introductions, and welcoming new members.


The education committee is responsible for maintaining contacts with area colleges and universities to introduce students to the club. The committee also oversees the annual thePitch competition, scholarship competition and coordination with The Pittsburgh Foundation.


The purpose of this committee is to develop and recommend innovative programs that are inclusive of, expand the role of and drive participation of minorities throughout the club and the Pittsburgh region, to create opportunities within the industry, and to provide self-regulation guidelines for recruitment and retention efforts.


The Communications committee is responsible for sending out press releases and social media posts announcing club activities, events, and news.


Obtains annual sponsorship for the club. Committee responsibilities include assisting with identifying relevant sponsors, development of sales materials, selling annual sponsorship packages, and ensuring sponsors receive all elements as outlined in their agreement.

Media Auction

Conducts an annual Media Auction to raise funds for AAF Pittsburgh & Ad 2 Pittsburgh which enable the club to continue with all core efforts.

American Advertising Awards

The committee is responsible for all activities related to the annual competition including local rules and regulations, invitations, judges and judging, awards, awards show, and forwarding materials to District 2.


The programs committee is responsible for developing an annual calendar with themes and topline descriptions of each program, determining topics and securing speakers for professional development opportunities for the community. Duties include securing and preparing moderators and speakers for each program.  .

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Government Affairs

This committee keeps the membership informed on local, state and national legislative issues related to advertising issues.


This committee helps with the planning of our bi-annual, multi-day conference, from speakers, locations and special events be a part of it all!

Public Service

The public service committee uses advertising resources and techniques to support local, regional or national programs on behalf of the public interest. Activities provide the public with valuable insight to the tremendous contributions made by advertising professionals to the local community. This awareness is especially important in an era when advertising is critical to the future of all organizations and business both profit and not-for-profit.