Gatesman, is a full-service advertising agency with offices in Chicago and Pittsburgh bringing expertise in the Consumer, Retail, Healthcare, Financial, Home and Building, Energy, Higher Ed and B2B space. Highly experienced team with deep backgrounds in essentially all categories, we draw on our big agency/national brand experience to offer the same intellectual horsepower of larger bureaucratic shops, but in a leaner, smarter and more aggressive approach to our clients nationwide.

Gatesman has been continually recognized as one of the nation's fastest growing independent marketing communications agencies in the country. Our mission is to create ideas that help businesses grow by connecting with people, sparking conversation, evoking emotion, and most importantly motivating action. Gatesman is a partner in AMIN Worldwide, an alliance of over 50 independent marketing agencies, and IPREX, a global communications network. Gatesman acquired Quest Fore in 2014 and Noble Communications in 2017


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(412) 381 5400


444 Liberty Avenue,Suite 700,Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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